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A welcome respite from the citys frenzied streets is the exquisite tomb of Akbar, on the northern outskirts, which rises from parkland grazed by gazelles and black-faced langur monkeys – like a picture from a Mughal miniature. The ghostly ruins of the palace complex the great Mughal emperor built, after his conquest of Gujarat, on a ridge 28 miles (45 km) southwest at Fatehpur Sikri is Agras other obligatory day trip.

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Nowadays, some adjoining areas, which were formerly villages, have been included inside the city limits. around the 1760's, the British destroyed the town inclusive of the citadel. whilst the French reoccupied it, most of the buildings had been reconstructed however now not the fort.

Inside the latter part of the 18th and early 19th century, Pondicherry again fell into British hands and all productionactivity came to a standstill. most of the current buildings came up within the 19th century, which additionally marked the appearance of water supply within the city and the railway link with British India. by way of the twentieth century, the metropolis had accelerated to consist of many neighboring villages, even though few adjustments have been made within the internal metropolis. This French colony became part of the Indian Union inside the early 1950's, with the French voluntarily relinquishing manipulate.

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