Chennai Travel And Tourism Guide

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is sited on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal.This capital city of Tamil Nadu is the 4th largest city of India and is also the leading commercial centre of South India.Chennai, being an important metropolitan city is very well-connected to all the major cities of India as well as with the countries overseas. And, it is also considered as the cultural hub of South India which is famous for its affluent heritage in classical dance, music, architecture, sculpture, crafts, etc.

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Exploring South India

14 Days

Exploring South India

Tamil Nadu

Days : 14

Tour Start From - Chennai

Tour End To - Cochin

Gems Of South India Tour

12 Days

Gems Of South India Tour

Tamil Nadu

Days : 12

Tour Start From - Chennai

Tour End To - Trivandrum

Top Cities In Tamil Nadu


The underground passages also contain some secret passage that leads to various places like the Palace of RajaRaja Chola and also to other important places. The underground passages lead to the other temples and also to various places in and around Tanjore.The underground passage is build for Sages, Kings, Queens who can roam through the various temples using underground routes conveniently.

The biggest mystery of all the other mysteries in Thanjavur (Tanjore) Shiv temple is the huge cap stone in the top of the huge Mandir.The weight of the cap stone at the top of Thanjavur (Tanjore) weighs astonishingly 80 tons. No man built shallow structure around the world has such huge stone cap at the top of the constructed temple.It is widely known that there were no heavy machines, cranes or any high end equipments used to lift the stone up and place it at the top of the temple. The only thing that can help achieve, the almost impossible feat, were the fleet of elephants.

The granite stones are one of the strongest stones in the world.Granite is also very heavy so movement of huge stones from one place to another is also not possibly easy.More than 130,000 tons of granite were used to build Rajarajeshwar Thanjavur temple.

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Chennai is also known as the ‘Gateway to South India’.his city is renowned for Bharatnatyam, the famous and one of the oldest classical dance forms in India, which originated in Tamil Nadu.The Vandalur Zoo sited in Chennai was set up in 1855 and it is the first public zoo in India and also the largest one in the country.Chennai featured amon the top 10 Best Cities to travel in the world by Lonely Planet group.It is the only city in South Asia to figure in the '52 places to go around the world' by the New York Times.

The Marina Beach of Chennai is 2nd Largest Beach in the World.Beaches are not just a long stretch of yellow or white sand layer dotting the coastline .

It is a nature’s gift with Glittering Sea, Roaring and Curving waves and cool breeze.Some of them are sun tanning beaches , some more are water sport adventure spots.There is no need for Season or reason to go to beach. Age and denomination is no bar here.Some of the beaches have elaborate water sports activities and others are aligned with exotic attractions like Monuments, Fort, popular Temples and Churches. Beaches with Sunrise and Sunset view and unique spectacle of Sunset and Moonrise simultaneously on full moon days are also found in Tamil Nadu.

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The Meenakshi Amman temple is the town’s most important landmark. it's miles one of the five sabhas [divine dance stages] known as as Velli Ambalam [silver Hall]. aside from the face of Pilgrim and training middle, Madurai is a modern-day business and commercial metropolis. it's also well-known for its exchange mark Chungudi cotton sarees, shade dyeing ,motifs ,Handicrafts, Brassware. timber Toys of Madurai is the favourite of the old and young as properly

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Various myths and legends had been associated with Kanyakumari. One shows that Kanya Devi become a reincarnation of Goddess Parvati turned into to marry Lord Shiva however he failed to show up for the wedding. it is said that a demon king, Banasura will be killed simplest by means of a virgin female. Kanya Devi had the strength to do so. but, if she’d be married off, she’d no longer be able to spoil the demon. Enraged, the goddess scattered all of the meals prepared for the wedding. it all finally became stones. a few human beings accept as true with that that the stones on shore that resemble rice had been actual grains of rice intended for the wedding feast.Kanya Devi is worshiped as a virgin goddess.

The small city of Kanyakumari has temples and church buildings, statues and seashores to trap the vacationer. simply off the mainland, and perhaps the maximum recognizable landmark of Kanyakumari is the Thiruvalluvar statue with the pedestal the statue measures an genuine 133 feet to symbolize the 133 chapters of Tirukkural, the maximum importantpaintings in Tamil of literature.

It is also well-known for the Vivekanada Rock Memorial, in which Swami Vivekananda reflected and decided to hold his message of peace the world over. The region of the town performed foremost element inside the evolution of its way of life. humans from many countries visited the port city and its proof is seen in its meals, structure and artworkpaperwork.

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The Nilgiris ‘The blue mountains’ are the fundamental responsible element for this metropolis’s reputation. The blue misty haze off the eucalyptus bushes that cowl the location are considered the cause at the back of its name, many extraordinary possible resources may exist however. In this newsletter i have tried to listing out the locations you “should go to” in Ooty, mainly while you’re on a short time schedule.

That is positioned within the Western Ghats area at an altitude of 2240 mtrs. it is the headquarters of the Nilgiri District, in which the two mountain levels meet. Udhagamandalam , popularly referred to as as OOTY through the vacationer, is the Queen of Hill Stations. Centuries ago this became additionally known as as Oththai-Kal [single stone] Mandu [ Mund is a name of Toda Village]. The British started calling it as Ootacamund. espresso and Tea Plantations and timber like Conifers, Eucalyptus, Pine and Wattle dot the hill aspect in Udhagamandalam and its environs. summer time temperature is most of 25 C and no less than 10 C . all through the winter it's miles minimal 5 C and a maximum of 21 C while it is slightly hotter.

This vicinity turned into inhibited by means of the tribals referred to as TODA lengthy before any frame should mission into this region. interestingly enough, this slice of paradise remained unknown even for the duration of the intervals of the great Southern Dynasties. It turned into the Britons who ventured into the riches of the regions at some point of early 1800’s. development and modernization took after their arrival to Udhagamandalam. This become the summer time Capital of the Madras Presidency throughout the British Rule. Coonoor - 19Kms, Kothagiri - 31 Kms are the other smaller nearby hill stations.

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An interesting thing behind the history of Kodaikanal is that it was first visited by B.S.Ward, surveyor in 1821 and later recommended to American missions in Tamil nadu. The foriegners in the missions could not bear the hot climate of Tamil Nadu and suffered from epidemic diseases and consequential deaths. They wanted a neat and healthy place to stay and improve their health. They were happy to see the report of B.S.Ward about this wonderful hill station and later moved in and built a lot of dewellings which is still there called as ' sunny side ' and shelton.There are more than 15 attractive scenic spots in kodaikanal.Kodaikanal lake is one of the main attractions of the town and lies just 1 km away from the bus stand.It is a unique lake with star shape.It was created by Sir Vere Henry Levinge, in 1862, who was the collector of Madurai retired and settled in Kodaikanal. By his own effort and money he converted the marshy land to beautiful lake. People visiting here can enjoy horse riding, cycle riding, walking and watching the beauty of the lake which will be often embraced by clouds

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Krishna Butter Ball is a piece of wonder in the city of Mahabalipuram. Heaven knows how this huge stone of around 16 feet diameter balances itself on a slope, and not just for the last couple of years but for over 1000 years. Attempts have been made to roll it down with the help of elephants but surprisingly the rock does not budge.Of all the highlights of Mahabalipuram, Panch Rathas are the most beautiful one architecturally.The sheer beauty of the monolithic rock-cut temples in the form of chariots or rathas, can really mesmerize anyone.

 Mamallapuram is also a great place to unwind. A string of small resort hotels facing the beach make the most of their breezy location under the palms, while local restaurants do a brisk trade in fresh lobster, tiger prawns and other fresh seafood.

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Rock fort is a 3,800 million year old rock structure with a shrine on top is considered to be older than the Himalayas and is the pride of the city. It is visible for miles around the city and a view from the top, is mesmerizing either by sunrise or sunset.

Grand Anicut in Trichi is One of the oldest dam structures built around 2000 years and is said to be a symbol of Dravidian engineering. Built by Karikala Cholan, it is used as a model for building modern day architecture - probably one of the oldest used dams in the world.

The grand old Trichinopoly cigars(Cheroot) was exported to UK in the 19th Century. Winston Churchill has claimed to have a long standing affair with this; Sherlock Holmeshas said to have mentioned it in his books and Trichinopoly is synonymous with Cigar in the Oxford Dictionary.

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Karaikudi turned into earlier counted inside the Ramanathapuram district and carried out the status of a municipality in 1928. lamentably, not plenty is known approximately the history of Karaikudi and in keeping with locals the regionbecame mounted within the 18th century since the oldest recognised temple inside the city dates returned to 1800 A.D.
Chettiars and Karaikudi

It's fartruth that the family of Chettiars changed into instrumental in growing the city of Karaikudi. Even nowadays, the Chettiar community makes most people of the populace of the metropolis. they are into change and trade ever since the status quo of Karaikudi. they have helped shape the town and brought it into prominence with the aid of building instructional institutes, investment banks, constructing temples and celebrating gala's inside the traditional ways. they have got additionally taken upon them the onus of bringing social reforms.

It's milesmetropolis in this southern kingdom of India particularly due to the fashion of homes this is specific to the region. The homes on this town are constructed the usage of the limestone that is called ‘karai veedu’ in neighborhood language. a few people also consider that the metropoliswere given its name from the plant of ‘Karai’ that's found in abundance within the vicinity.

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